Welcome the Cichlid Secrets.  This Blog is a place for you to learn about all the tips and tricks of keeping Cichlids in a home aquarium.

We hope that you are a cichlid lover as we are.  Cichlids are the greatest fish to keep in the home aquarium.

There are cichlid from all over the world and the variety of beauty, size, color, shape and type is huge.

There are cichlids that are just a few inches and cichlids that are a few feet long.

The diversity and beauty makes the cichlids one of the more sought after fish species in the hobby.

This is why we have created this site and the guide called the Cichlid Secrets to help you keep a successful Cichlid aquarium.

So take a few minutes and look around.

You can take a look at our frequently asked questions as well as if you want our guide to keeping cichlids go ahead and hit the Secrets tab at the top of the page.

Keeping cichlids the correct way is important to do right from the start.

That is why we feel this guide is important.  If you do things wrong you can lose fish and lose money.